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Sunfield will appear on "M3-2012 Spring!!"

Space : Ÿ 20b

M3-2012 Spring new release!!!!

Launch The HINO vol.1

Now avalable Sunfield Sound Cloud Page

[ http://soundcloud.com/sunfield_hino ]

Get around by Sunfield_Hino

Wriggles situation by Sunfield_Hino

Encounter unknown by Sunfield_Hino

Appearance (Radio Edit) by Sunfield_Hino

For a lost by Sunfield_Hino

Feel the wind by Sunfield_Hino

New Release!!

Sunfield - Appearance (Original Mix) [Age of Beginning]
Sunfield - Deliverance (Original Mix) [FunctioN-Five]

@M3 2010-10-31 on Sale.

M3 space info
2F 39 - Age of Beginning
1F E52 - FunctioN-Five


Sunfield is virtual composer. Therefore, he has no body, mind, and so on.

His property is below.

birth : 2010-09-18
sex :
blood-type : O (sometimes AB)
daw : steinberg Cubase 5 and Apple Logic Pro 9
instruments : novation V-Station and some Sampling CDs.

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